EBE web 99We have programs for both Toddlers (16-32 months) and Preschoolers (33-60 months). Each program is a thoughtful balance of age-appropriate academic rigor and play in all its forms. Our curriculum is created by El Bosque staff and is based on best practices for Early Childhood Education.


Now more than ever, Early Childhood Educators understand that birth to five is the most influential time in a child’s life. That’s what makes EBE much more than just a child care center.

We are an academic organization committed to helping you and your child make the most of these important years with age-appropriate instruction, imaginative play and learning around a broad range of key areas.


EBE web 25Each day, children at El Bosque will participate in not only language development, but art, music, science, math and physical education. Additionally, a wide variety of daily activities will help students to learn about themselves and others: feeling and communicating, moving and doing, and acquiring thinking skills.

EBE web 109Play

Play is also incredibly important to children’s development—mimicking real life events through play is one of the best ways for children to learn social and life skills.

Our toys are developmentally appropriate and allow children a wide range of possibilities, depending upon their preferences. We encourage small group interaction but allow for quiet individual experiences as well.

Our facility features an outdoor play area, garden, and indoor elementary-sized gymnasium.

Learn about a typical day in the Toddler classroom.

Learn about a typical day in the Preschool classroom.

Learn about a typical day in the School Age classroom.